13 July 2015

Morning: sorry for that i was being late at the morning, i miss the tutorial with John, i think i am ridiculous to make this mistake. I did not see the schedule of the tutorial, i won't miss any tutorial in next time.

afternoon: we have a introduction worksop with Georgia at afternoon. i did not decide what should i do in final major project. this is tough question and i feel disappointed to myself, but Georgia recommend to me about the man topic, its like the homosexual,how to being a men, what is the men habit, traditional. because i had done my previously project about feminism, they look cousin project , just separate in two part about the man and women, that a brunch of fun.i will started to compare different styles and habit from male, some like cigarette, wine, car, suit, but other of them like skinny jeans , colorful drinks, housekeeper, manny,keep the baby. that many different character in male, so i need to do more research and discover the meaning of the habit.

14 July 2015

Morning: we had a project planning with Tom, the project planning is about organize the planning that we need to consider our project. At first, i need to consider about the research to find ti, what the research need in my project. I am thinking about how men not fooling traditional male routes, use female style to influence them to create own style, other male styles. Being male this project titles is about personality to men, Homosexuality, expectation of men, assumption about men, gender roles. then i am going to research the what the traditional men clothes, on instance suit and ties, also the how the people change it in female style, the men wearing the skirt and dress.So that i am going to primary research about Saville Row, it has traditional menswear , tailoring.Also i will find some artist like Grayson Perry. also i will do some research about the questionnaires for interview the mens. also the museum that i need to go to visit is  Geoffrey museum and imperial war museum for the military uniform. the pride parade is important in London. by the way, the most important for me is creating the print and do more experiment for pattern.

Afternoon: I had tutorial with John about the previously project, he said the project is great, the experiment and drawing is satisfied. but the one i need to improve is the photography of my experiment, it need to be more,and the connection need to more success.the reflection is enough, video and CV must to send on workflow, that is what i need to do it.

15 July 2015

Morning: i have the language class on the morning, it is talking about the proposal of the unit 7 project, our important six weeks project. this is hard to us writing the proposal on online and it need to be description about what i am going to do. the timetable also important to us, because the time management is vital to us and less getting stuck on the project.we saw form student proposal of their project, some of article that we need to learn it and i also critical their proposal, some of the paragraph does not describe apparently. so that, teacher told us what should we need to write it and more detail in research and experiment part, this is helpful to us and typing the achievement proposal.

Afternoon: i went to kings cross to do more research on my project, i found many research that i really need to use it. Besides, the menswear is what i need to most focus on research and understanding what is menswear, the styles and collection.because i never make menswear before, so starting a new are and space can improve me skill and knowledge. 

16 July 2015

Morning: I have add more about the experiment and research about the project proposal, i focus on timetable and bibliography , then write down what i am going to research and what research can gain me ideas. i write in detail of the timetable, when and where and what should i need to do, working on regular time and i do not want to waste my time anymore. because i will be regret when i waste my time. this problem need to change it and giving me more confident when i am doing my work.

Afternoon: i have a tutorial with my Karen and talk about the progress that i write it on project proposal. she said this is a interesting project and i have various idea and research of the practitioners. However, there are some problem that i need to improve it, like the detail of the process, i need to write more detail in experiment part, what should i need to do. beside, Karen gave me many relevant words that i need to go to research, obtain me more ideas. 

20 July 2015

Morning: I have been working on my research, then i still work on comparing the men tailoring and untraditional role of men wearing. for example, the dress and androgynous design of trouser and irregular shirts. most of the menswear has floral print and mixture colorful print on the outfits, this is kind of feminine ways and styles. I also have a tutorial with language teacher to talk about project proposal, she checked my writing process and talking to me how to write it perfectly. some of sentences that i need to modification.

Afternoon: I keep on my research and more focus on information files, adding many image with my analysis and understanding. I really need to add more explain about what am going to research. the apron is really attract me, the shape and structure. because this outfit usually for women who is working on their housework. in nowadays, many mens would like to do some cooking and housework at home. and now it is more popular.

21 July 2015

Morning: I have draw some sketches and collage the image with floral and camouflage print, and now i need to create my own floral and camouflage print, that i need to draw it. afterward, i analysis the research from my workflow information files. as a result, i think i need to talk with John about my workflow and sketchbook. He told me i need to be more specify on research on information files.for example, the weight, sportswear, clothing ,football and rugby ball player for collage idea. in addition, the texture and print that i need to research on it. Masculine color contrasts feminine colors. so I think that research football player with floral print may be more different styles and changing idea to my subject.

Afternoon: I went to stitch workshop to do some frills experiment. making the layers and changing the shape with fabrics. that can also become the collage idea on the image and design the sketch on mannequin.besides, i consider that apron can give me more inspiration what am doing the shape and structure on my own body. i created the shape and using two or three pieces of apron that can put on my body. however, it can change the styles and shape then become my initial ideas.I photography what i have done, this is process for my ideas and developed. 

22 July 2015

Morning: I have a tutorial with language teacher to discuss and alter my project proposal. It is hard to explain the process what i am going to discover and developed.The teacher alter my mistake of grammar and sentences, that is also what i need to improve my writing skills. making it better will spend my long time. I correct some mistake, then i add numerous words is about detail of process, experiments, material and developed.afterward, the teacher said the proposal is done and i did a great job on it, but i still considered that  i need add more bibliography about books, website and artist.

Afternoon: I was woking on my information files and leaning more idea that i need to screeching on internet. because my information files is not better what i expected, therefor i need to add more artist, something i am interesting but without any relevant with fashion. for instance, the masculine colors compare with feminines color, that can confirmed my basic color, it is a good element for the project. besides, i consistently that sketchbooks is vital to me and keeping work on my sketchbook,more research and analysis then become my ideas.

23 July 2015

Morning:I was working on my sketchbook and creating a variety of camouflage pattern that inspiring from Andy Warhol.The color contrast is amazing and comfortable to see this patterns. I research about masculine and feminine color and contrast with each other, it is absolutely different between masculine colors and feminine colors. masculine colors are blue, brown and dark green, by contrast feminine colors are red, pink and dark red. All of this element of the research that give me a strong inspiration with creating pattern. I used those colors to create my own camouflage pattern, i draw it with gouache paint and inks to mix media. afterward, i think that collage ideas can be combined with camouflage pattern, that is one of the ideas.

Afternoon: I add some information files on workflow. suddenly, i just gain a idea in my mind. I rapidly draw the apron with camouflage print and shape, that is quite a new idea, because i think that less people would like to developed apron for the ideas. In addition, i have been to printing workshop to do joint printing with plastic. i scratch pattern which created in sketchbook, i thought that two of the print can be used in printing techniques, i scratch camouflage print and apron in camouflage shape. when i finish my printing, both of them are colorful, and that is what i want the effect.

27 July 2015

Morning: I was working on my sketchbook in entire morning, i draw some shape and pattern on my sketchbook pages what it is the experiments with sketches. Then i created some texture on the apron and draw it with different colors, i considered that the shapes of apron are extremely different, it can be curved and straight. in the meantime, i watched out the apron has a brunch of dirty color on the surface, but this is kinds of process when the student was doing their work in progress.

Afternoon: i had a quick tutorial with Naomi to discuss about my project, she said i got some idea, but it seems like i need to add some primary research and the idea of the process need to be clearly and significantly. Besides, i really think that my process of the developed need to improve, like add some research and experiment with analysis drawing. Therefor, i started to go to imperial war museum in this afternoon, when i get there, there are various warcraft, vehicles, pilot uniform and soldier uniform. I compared that each countries has different kinds of uniform and the warcraft has various rust and dirt.I photography some of view and try to consider and linked to my project.

28 July 2015

Morning: I was woking on my sketchbook to create some pattern of the aprons. i used camouflage print with bright contrast dark colors drawing on apron. then i considered i will going to do more work in printing area. afterward, i was going to printing workshop to create more printing in different colors. i feel that the colors are important to my apron design. when i finished my printing in different colors, i consider that i can print it on fabrics. well, it work. i change the pattern into white color and then print it on the black fabric for experiment. also the colorful pattern was printing on yellow fabric, but it is unclearly to see the pattern on the fabric.

Afternoon: i was doing some plastic experiment  to my project. it is hard to using the machine scratch on the plastic material.but i used glue gun to mix media the plastic in different  colors. in addition, i add some liquid of inks in different color on the mix color plastic.

29 July 2015

Morning: I have been to language class with a new teacher that improving my speaking area. we discuss about the mainly question of the part 1, such as course, major, apartment or house, hometown and family etc. most of question looks like simple ,but if i need to answer fluctuating and clearly, that is hard and need to more practices. for me, i really think that my speaking area need to improve, trying to not be nervous and getting rip off "em....". Also we talked about museum that i have been to in part 2 session. I felt that i need to more communicate with my friend and teacher in English, whatever in chatting or tutorial can improve my English and never have to be nervous.

Afternoon: we have a course called sustainability, it is about the reused material or making our environment more better, such as recycle resources, it can use in twice or third maybe more. then we need to consider what material are going to use it.  

Sustainability Reflection

                                                  Sustainability Reflection

                                                                             By Jacky


I had a sustainability workshop last Wednesday and I feel excited about getting to new materials, techniques and fabrics. The technician introduce some of the material, for instance, the green material that is call ‘Decorative Coatings’. This material is characterized by their naturalness and authenticity. They allow a new experience of natural raw material through all the senses. When I see this material, it looks like 3D styles and vision. However, I touched this kind of material and the surface feels smoothly and comfortable, that is definitely different for what I see. In addition, I saw some other material, which give me more idea to developed in my project. Some of the material may be used in my project that I considered. Most of the materials are recycled and reclaimed, like fabrics: Geotextiles or Meshes, Organic Denim Fabrics, Plastic of Polyolefin (Bendable Plastic). Besides, I have used some recycled material before, such as newspaper, waste magazine or book, bottoms, cans and dilapidated clothes. For those of this materials, I try to cut out into different shape to make a garment or illustrating on my sketch in fashion drawing, also the newspaper can turn into my background when I am working on my prints. Finally, those of the works are successful for this experiment. I am excited to use reclaimed material; the process is totally different between recycled resources and unrecyclable materials. A variety of manufacturing produces fabric and material for disposable, for example, the process of making real fur and snake leather or crocodiles leather, that is cruel to animals and destroy our eco-recycled balance. Therefor, I started to look at fake fur to compare with real fur, we can use fake fur to replace real fur in same purpose, and including PVC replaces real lamb leather. In addition, most of cheaper clothes are producing in China, Indonesia and Bangladesh. By the way, the manufacturing needs to ship their product to western countries by cargo ship, airplane and train. So it may waste petrol that is not recycled resources. On the other hand, we need to consider that how long does the clothing survive? We should think about lasting material, I think the better question is value, which implies intent and utility. For example, if I brought a suit cost thousand pounds in Savile Row, it would probably useful comparing with 10 cheap suits, which cost 100 pounds each. However, the pricey suit can be survival for 20 years, but the cheaper suit cannot be survival for a long time.


I highly recommend our work can use, as much as recycled material, because this is important to our environment, we need to protect our resources. When we used sustainability of materials, it also has cost. Some of the materials are not relevant to our project; it is hard to make choice when I consider what material should I use. So some materials that we are going to used, like wood, glue stick, dye, and waste of the color when I am printing. For example, silk is stronger than steel but it is damaged by sunlight -meaning, that's why we never seen silk window coverings. In my project, I have decided to use silk fabric for my experiment and parts of final outcome. When I search the internet about the silk, it just told us there are many luxury and high fashion junkies rejoice; silk is inherently natural because it’s made by silk worms, not chemical-based synthetic processing. But there’s a drawback: vegans do not wear silk because to get at the silk fibers, the silk worms are thrown in a vat of boiling water once their hard work is complete. However, we can think about other silk fabric that is sustainability, such as peace silk and vegan silk. Both of them are sustainable and handmade by human. It is cheaper cost and protects the environment. Except silk, I also can use some recycled clothes for making garments or outfits. Because in future, we have less material can be used and try to find a new material can use it in our working area.

30 July 2015

Morning: I did some textile experiment for my idea, like stitching some fabrics in contrast colors, also i did some stitch with detailing lines on print fabrics that i already finished.I found that it is hard to stitch on fabrics, there are many problem, such as lines are stuck.so that I spend much time on fixing the machine.

Afternoon: I make some knitting textile in black colors, my classmate taught me how to use this kind of machine and the process is not difficult to us, i learned it as quick as i can. consequently, i finished my knitting, i think it is great and i obtain my confident to make this thing right. afterward, we have a crit in 4pm, we looked at other people's work and thinking about how their process and developed that can give me more methods. however, i felt sadness of this crit, because people did not care about my work and i had not get any comment on my table, that make me feel awaked and loneliness. that make feel so bad, and less confidence for me, even the teacher did not say anything about my work. Probably, my work is not good as other people, but i still efforts and work hard in my project, so that make me feel less confidence.

04 August 2015

Morning: I have a tutorial with Tom to discuss about my project progress. I did well job for my project, but it still has some problem with my project, like some research, more technique and drawing that I am going to do more. The information files is enough, but it need to do more and continues my progress. I also need to write my reflection more detail about my feeling and reflect what I already done some experiment or drawing and ideas. I need to used different material or different technique for printing or sample. this is what I am going to do in this week. also we have one week left for working on experiment, in next week, i need to consider my outcome and final drawing and ideas.

Afternoon: I started to scratch on plastic to make my further pattern, it is hard to think about what i need to add in my pattern, i need to think about how the floral and camouflage can combined together. Also the tutor give me some suggestion about work wear in working place or in fashion. I think that it is really helpful to me and it can give me more inspiration to developed my project further. Afterward, I type my Sustainability reflection when i learned it on last Wednesday. I think about what is sustainability meaning, it is helpful to consider recycled material.

05 August 2015

Morning: I have a language class with teacher on morning. It is a great opportunity to have a class that can improve my English. We have a practice of reading test, I have a few confuse about my multiple choice, It is hard to choose the answer, it make me confuse, so i need to practice more and gain many vocabulary.

Afternoon: I have a tutorial with John to discuss about my Sustainability reflection. I write many issues of general reason in sustainability in the world, how the human to face society problem. but i need to add more material that relevant to my project. like silk is not a sustainability material, because it is come from silkworms and it is cruel to kill the insect for real silk. however, the human made a new fabric of the silk is peace silk and vegan silk. those are sustainability fabrics.  i think that it is great to consider about new material that is environmental to out world, protect the limited resources and economical use our resources. 

06 August 2015

Morning: I have do some special experiment on the morning. At first, I already buy some marbling inks in many colors. I try to do some experiment, i put some inks into water and mixture the colors. the effects look very nice and i put a paper on the surface of water, all the pattern come to paper and it looks amazing, such a camouflage print in different mixture colors.I also record and photography to my experiments. I try different kinds of color and try to look at different effect and the patterns also have the direction.

Afternoon: I did some mono-printing, I developed and combined my apron and camouflage print into a new print.I also did some experiment for my new pattern, i use different color to create this print, mixture the color and it shows different effective, it is nice.

10 August 2015

Morning: We have a group discussion in partnership,it is benefit to have a improvement to our project and critical assessment to our works process. I did not see other people work, because I did not get up early, i miss one hour of the discussion.so i have to punish to myself.however, my friend has looks at my sketchbook, she said it is a great work, but need to do faster and quickly link to final outcome, do more experiment and drawing.

Afternoon: we have a workshop with David to learn a new software that can make our book. as we are know that the final book has various content, such as information image, experiment and research image, design process and final outcome photo shoots. we learn about the process of the indesign cc software, we need to edit the layout and typing the word or adding a images.

11 August 2015

Morning: I have added some information files on workflow, such as some experiment that I have done it. I have specify write down analysis and detail process of the experiment that i made it. In fact, it is particularly reaction of the marbling ink on the water surface, just like a chemical reaction and what it happen that make me surprises. However, I confuse that the experiment of the dye is not what i really expected to its.So i have to give up for this experiment and trying to focus on another technique for the printing. Therefor, I started to do some lino-printing, I scratched some the camouflage print that i develop to my marbling printing pattern. the shape and pattern is following by the camouflage printing, it looks randomly, but it still has the direction and regular movement.

Afternoon: I have did some limo-printing experiment.At first, I try black inks to paint on the limo prints. In addition to this process, the technician told me that the water based block printing is not better enough for the limo-printing. because the textures are not smooth and the colors are not average. this is what i learned from the technician. so i try to use some inks painting on the limo surface. the effects is good. then i changed other colors that can mixture its and become more special colors on the surface.

12 August 2015

Morning:  I have a language class no morning, we had a writing mock exam and the topic is about the Western European education compare with east asian countries. I decide to discuss that the pressure of the assignment and exam is hard and difficulty. I also obtain some words that is helpful to my writing exam.

14 August 2015

Afternoon: I have more research on the fabrics and consider about which fabric should i need to use to prints. the pattern should be print on white fabrics or colorful fabrics. silk or plains? also i would like to buy some wood fabrics which similar with jeans fabric, but more thiner. However, i use some combined idea for the marbling print and mono-printing with wood fabrics. wood fabrics inspire from the workwear and the worker work diligently. so it make be has some scratch and hole on the workwear surface. in addition, the workwear is dirty with various colors. so i consider that camouflage print can replace this dirty pattern into regular styles. afterward, all of them became a garment and this is what i have to do now.

17 August 2015

Morning: It is going to have a busy process for this week. I need to finish outcome and achieve my evaluation and sketchbook. Hopefully, I can do it better in this crazy week. At first, I did a publication draft for the portfolio. i need to consider about layout and strategy for the final publication. i think that the layout will be interest in different page of content. for example, the image has to be clean and bigger. so that the client can see publication more clear and how the idea become into design. I would like to add more image that is process of my creating prints. Secondly, i have to start my final outcome, the shape and pattern need to be finished today. I consider that the menswear pattern is not difficult, but the most important is the detail of the outcome. So i decide the detail part of the outcome is the camouflage print and holes on the surface of outfits.this is really challenge me, because this is my first time to do the menswear, i won't give up.

Afternoon: I consistently work my final outcome, the shape and the pattern is what i expected. so that i start to do a sample for my final outcome. in addition, i need to mark the camouflage print on the pattern, so that i can remember the position of the outfits. the camouflage prints is the most important garment for my outcome.

19 August 2015

Morning:i have already finish my pattern of the final outcome,at now i need to cut out the fabric that i use to work on my outfit. i also did some marbling print on silk fabrics. i change into different colors and mixture colors. the patterns are extremely different and contrasting the pattern between them. However, the only problem is that the marbling print is hard to dry on the silk, but the effects are directly special and attracting. what's more, the cut out different shape of the pattern on the outfits. there are some hole not jacket. it means the worker or the mens are diligently to work. 

Afternoon: I was sewing the fabric and connecting the fabric into jackets. also i cut out some hole no the fabric. when i finish part of the outcome, i try my outfit to model and considering what i should fix it and where is the mistake, how is the effect.  i also think about how can i add my marbling prints to collocate with jacket.

20 August 2015

Morning: I was doing my publication of the final major project. Before doing the publication, i had already finish my draft of the publication, then i consider the layout and which information should i need to add it. Also the image that i should need to thinking. afterward, i need to write a text that is a introduction of my project, what did i learn it and how i feeling. When i was doing the publication in indesign software. I have a big problem for the layout and how to add a image into indesign,but i ask to technician and classmate, they help me and teach me how to use it and i learn various skills of this software.

Afternoon: I continuously design my publication and layout my images and text. I just feel like this software can helping me, i can do many work by indesign software. that is comfortable to use it is true. Finally, i almost finish my publication and i feel this software can help me in future and i learn more skill for he online designs.

21 August 2015

Morning:  I complete my publication form and it is successful with a great layout. The last page is surprise me, I use photoshop to design a print for the background of the final design. As the layout of the design, it looks like simple,but i think this is directly to see the image without any explain. because the images can show the process and content. All in all, i finish the publication, it is what i expected.

Afternoon: I had work some information on workflow, cause i need to catch up the information files. I add more research that i have done it in project, also i added some experiment that i use it before.  i write many artist who really inspire me. the technique that is influence me a lot because it can gain me more idea and make me creative.