8 June 2015

Morning: I learned how to use photoshop tools. Basic methods and complicated methods that can help me to improve my knowledge of using photoshop. Using some more difficult tools to created geometric shapes in various ways. Colors, texture and collage.

afternoon: Our group visited to CSM print workshop.We learned and studied to used digital printing technique. A tutor teach us the process of the digital  printing, it must be careful when we are working on process. The most fascinate me is that the paper with disperse ink has magical reaction to print on the fabrics. 

Evaluation: Finding out my theme in this project, it is about geometric shapes, inspire from  Soina Deluaney's  painting , ,and the place in old street has many graffiti-art on the wall. 

10 June 2015

Morning: I have my first language class at the morning. I learned about some verbs of art that can improve my English very well.The language class can polish up my communication and IELTS knowledge. I read an article is about the designer who has powerful of making handicraft.

afternoon: Working in the print workshop, the teacher taught us to used the transparent paper cutting out some texture or drawing on it, then used some black inks paint on the transparent paper.After that, I used some fabric to clean the transparent paper,consequently, I used the machine to print out my pattern on the paper. I thought that the effect of the print is successful. 

12 June 2015

Morning: I have been to print workshop and keeping develop my print. I used nail and knife to make different kinds of texture on plastic. The geometric shape is one of my develop idea,so that I would create in various ways. At last, I finished another texture on plastic. It look abstract way with some geometric shapes and scratch on it.

Afternoon: I print out some image is about old architecture compare with modern buildings.The structures are totally inspire me and I can create the geometry shape on surface. Difference colors and curves to express abstract way and used action painting techniques with mark making. Finally, I also learned knitting machine, at first, it is hard to use it and i am going to practice more and focus on this part of techniques. 

16 June 2015

Morning: we have a workshop is about heat-press technique for flocking and foiling. It is kind of techniques for using different foiling paper to print on fabrics. I try some foiling material, like gold, sliver, light blue and black. At first, I painted some white soft pasty fluid on fabrics, then i put it on the desk and dry it in the sun. When the pasty fluid is already dry and put some foiling paper to cover it and use heat-press machine to press no the fabrics. On the other hand, the flocking technique is using some various color to cut out in different shapes and putting in regular or irregular on fabrics. When the fabric is already heat-press by machine, then take-off the protect paper and you can see different color mixture on the fabrics, it has a variety of the effectives. I think that this technique is absolutely helpful to my following develop. I can create many shapes and color in abstract way.

Afternoon: I have some problem with using the knitting machine, so i ask teacher how to use this machine, and she told me and give me a instruction. I try it harder and done many failure experiment, the process is quite hard and it must be carefully to use this kind of machine. Finally, i found out the process and get well on this machine,but i need to practice more, also i need to concern about my final: using what fabric, the structure and silhouette, i will create and draw it tonight.

18 June 2015

Morning: We have not any group discussion  in the morning, because we have plenty of work that need to finish, like the outcome, we have to finish the outcome in one day, so what a busy day.At first, I draw some figure with clothing and trousers, I considered how to put its into styles and how the print combine with other element, I used watercolor,color pencil,plaster,pen,ink,acrylic to mix media together.My designs is a top with different material or print combined each other. 

Afternoon: I started it to do some shape in draping way, i use some lime fabric to cut out the patterns and rectify my outcome. I tried to play with some fabric and make some detail on the fabric, but time is limit,so i have to choose a quite simple way to finish this outcome, i have not choice. I think this can improve my speed to working on outcome, because when i am doing my outcome, i feel that i am very slowly ,so this is what need to improve. At last, i did not finish my outcome, so I probably need to work in my home all night long.

22 June 2015

Morning: I finished my last week project and tidy up to tutorial. Beside, we have a new project that teacher are speaking to all of the groups.The project is about recording the CV to introduce myself in any creative ways and finding 50 things that really inspired me and influence me, likes 10 artist or designer, TED video, shops and gallery, museum,exhibitions.These project is very challenge me and let me know more about environment which is around us.Doing more research can let us know more knowledge of art and anything can inspire me and finding out what is really interested me.

Afternoon: I have a tutorial with my tutor, she said my work is not doing very well, need to really improve my skill, so the feedback is not better enough. I think that i really need to work hard and express my spirit in fashion design, I am not a worst student, i just need to improve my adaptability, working skill, try more material to make experiment or develop my outcome.

24 June 2015

morning: we have a language class during in morning, the teacher told us more vocabulary and processing in to various categories, just like opinion of the artwork, styles, composition,shapes,colors,nationality, materials.It is hard to know more about many words of those words. For example, enormous, small, rectangle are shape and size, bold, pastel, vivid, fluorescent, neon are colors, pointillist, avant-garde, realist, surrealist, deconstructionist, eclectic are styles, disturbing,innovative, startling,shocking,ambiguous,smooth are opinion from other people's evaluation, vanishing point, juxtaposed, foreground are composition.

Afternoon: we have a drawing workshop, it is about drawing some shape,structure with color from model who is wearing colorful accessories or clothing.At first, we need to draw the structure in one line and complete the whole body. Afterward, we add some detail, like faces, hand, also using some color may more perfect and gorgeous from the model, it need to draw in expression and spirit, just like look at first time has a amazing effective from this illustration. I drew it not expect that i want, so i think that i should practice more on this techniques and create the style what i expect it.

29 June 2015

Morning: We have been to Brighton to do some researches, Brighton is a long history place and it is the south places. Brighton has many historical relics,like castle, old building, church,royal pavilion and gardens.Brighton is a small town, but here has many seafood to eat, fish and chip is most famous dishes in here, also some people would like to eat oyster, prawn. the most fascinated me is that the seaside is very gorgeous and what a beautiful landscape in here, fresh air and many sea gull are flying. I done many sketches, i concentrate on old building with some small detail, like some rust on the surface of the wall, people like perform on the road.I used different material to draw the pattern or sketches.

Afternoon: We went to pleasure ground to see some playgrounds, Obviously, i did not go to play the scare playground,but i just recording the video and considering the movement of the machines. I also record some video about wave movement and pattern of the wave. I collected some stone to create mark making, used for drawing.

01 July 2015

Morning: today, we have not any workshop, it is study by ourself, i have to sketch some drawing from Brighton that i deepen research. i draw some pattern from old building,and make it colorful becoming a print.I consider about some cirrus shape of curves. 

Afternoon: I have research a historical movement about rockers vs mods in 1960s Brighton. It is strong flight between rockers and mods, the cultural are totally different. I have analysis those people's wearing are absolutely different. In mods culture, they are wearing adopted a smooth, sophisticated look that emphasized tailor-made Italian suites with narrow lapels, mohair clothes, thin ties, button-down collar shirt. In the Rockers culture, they are wearing heavily-decorated leather motorcycle jackets, with metal studs,patches and pin badges. So that i try out some shape, inspire from jackets shape and patch on the jackets.

03 July 2015

Morning:I have many work to do in the morning, it is hard to finish all of the work, like sketchbook, outcome, experiment and workflow or information files. I make up my outcome, it is print and use different material to print it on dark fabrics, because the rockers and mods has a resoundingly flight and it is dark history. the black can make it effect. I also use those print to develop my illustration, how the menswear look it with the prints, it likes rock and crazy fun in the outfits. I drew five illustration of this print in menswear.

Afternoon: we have a exhibition between group 1, group 2 and group 3. we are getting together to share our idea, research and creative.in my spot, i think that i probably not doing very well in this project, but the prints are highly compliment by teacher's comment, i feel enjoy when i was working on my print, the process is amazing to show the effect. I heard other student's idea and develop, i feel what i need to improve in other area, solving this problem need many methods to find it. 

07 July 2015

Morning: Our group has separate to do the experiments, i tried out different material to make the sample of thee object, for example, I chose wood to cut into different shapes and combine it into a object, when i was in progress, i think this is not relevant to out project. we did not discuss about our outcome, what shall we make, and what is the material and design. this is to hard to our process, the commutation is awful, because of me? i think i have a terrible commutation ability, but i also working very hard to explore my experiment, i can do various printing in different ways, this is my strength, but unfortunately, we are not allow to use screen printing technique, i am so disappointing!

Afternoon: we have a tutorial with teacher Mark, the process is baddest. To be honest, i feel unhappy when my partner said it is awful to corporate with me, that become to broke my heart. later, we tried to discuss our final outcome, i think we can make a card, architect or a garment. but i think she does not agree with me, so we have isolated in half minutes, it is hard to communicate and corporate with her, i do not why, we have not same idea and one goal. so probably, it is my fault, because  i can not said my opinion and satisfy her idea and hard to combined our ideas. At last, i make some printing on the tracing paper, and the effect is great, combined in one piece, it has the transparent effect on it.

09 July 2015

Morning: I am going to print workshop to do parts of outcome and experiments, this is like printing no the fabrics and the patterns are different types of the skeleton leavers.I have try some white liquid with skeleton leavers pattern to print on the black fabrics, then i saw that the effect of the printing are amazing and gorgeous, it is a successful experiment. Apparently, it is clear that the print are absolutely detailing on the black fabric, the experiment of the printing are successful. I feel enjoy when i was working on my printing, that is delightful to working in the printing workshop,also the technician guided me to make the print more perfect.Afterward, my partner are happy to see what i did in the printing workshop, that is a great cooperation.

Afternoon: I try to help my partner to do some other work that she has not time to do it, for example, i cut out some form board that she want to used it in final outcome.I cut in 10cmX10cm square in 8 pieces. also i consider that i need to do more experiment of the skeleton leavers printing by plastic. I chose green and brown colors to combined together in to my prints. when i finished one of the sample, that is really good, i can see two color on the leavers in detailing, but the color are not deep enough, but it is successful for doing this experiments.


I have learnt some painting technique in the first week, the process uses nail to scratch the plastic and make a pattern, this is very helpful to learn new technique, because i have more option when i am starting my experiment and developed parts. Besides, the fashion illustration workshop is also challenge me,there are many drawing technique that i need to learn, but learning this kinds of drawing can be inspired from other illustration. i can use different materials to draw the illustration, for example, watercolor,inks,color pencil, but the teacher said we need to draw the structure of the figure in the first step. when i was drawing, i focus on model expression and color of the outfits, then combined different elements in one illustration. if we did not understand the detail of drawing, it would be regardless of the consequences. The most fascinated me is wood and plastic workshop, because i have less opportunity to used this material when i was in high school, especially the metal material i never use it before. therefore, i think that i can learn more different techniques in different aspects. when i was doing the cutting wood or making a circle shape on the wood, i feel really enjoy it. I think i gain many techniques while i am study the in printing workshop, that is great to learn new knowledge from here. then i did the experiment of the prints are getting better and more creative, that is a good starting point.i really enjoy to work in printing workshop, the technician is kindness and tell me many suggest to make the prints. I learnt the independent working skills, because we need to work independently and no one can help you or supervise me, anything is my own work, so i have to work at home after the school. when i first have the tutorial with my tutor, my work is not better that i expected.i should have more drawing and research deepen, the development part need to more clear.  i think i need to really work hard in next project , including the workflow, that is also key parts of the assessment. therefore, i spent long time on research and reflective journal. and now, i think i can type the detail of the experiment and development parts on the workflow, this can help me to settle my work and evaluate my experiment and process, also i need to write some feeling about the experiment is successful or failure, what need to improve it, for example, the knitting of the sew is not good enough, i think i need to practice more and gain the confident while i am working. in addition, i considered that the material, like thick sew or thin sew, bright color or dark color, how to combined together or separate in two pieces, but connect its together.i think the most successful project is my second project, because i have more time to considering my work and how to development , also i did a quite difficult outcome is using the foiling printing, digital printing and hand painting on the fabrics, all of them combined it together and become a fashion print styles clothing. i also learn more technique in this project, but i still fond of printing workshop.sometimes, i have got problems when i was working my experiment, for example, the printing on the black fabric, it change the color and it is hard to show the color on the black fabric, it become another color. so i do not think printing on the black fabric is an option, but if you try in white color on the black fabric, it work. for instance, i did a skeleton leaves in white color liquid and printing on the black fabrics, the technician said it is wonderful and amazing printing. it is clear to see that the detail of the skeleton leaves and different shape and lines, it looks like nature of the leaves. In conclusion, i think i need to work hard in unit 7 project during 6 weeks, that is a long time to do this project and any parts of the sketchbook need to be specify and detail, it need to clear to see the research, experiment, development and tend to outcome. the process is the essential part of the project, i think i can do it very well and arouse my ability and creative.

16 July 2015

Morning: I have add more about the experiment and research about the project proposal, i focus on timetable and bibliography , then write down what i am going to research and what research can gain me ideas. i write in detail of the timetable, when and where and what should i need to do, working on regular time and i do not want to waste my time anymore. because i will be regret when i waste my time. this problem need to change it and giving me more confident when i am doing my work.

Afternoon: i have a tutorial with my Karen and talk about the progress that i write it on project proposal. she said this is a interesting project and i have various idea and research of the practitioners. However, there are some problem that i need to improve it, like the detail of the process, i need to write more detail in experiment part, what should i need to do. beside, Karen gave me many relevant words that i need to go to research, obtain me more ideas. 

20 July 2015

Morning: I have been working on my research, then i still work on comparing the men tailoring and untraditional role of men wearing. for example, the dress and androgynous design of trouser and irregular shirts. most of the menswear has floral print and mixture colorful print on the outfits, this is kind of feminine ways and styles. I also have a tutorial with language teacher to talk about project proposal, she checked my writing process and talking to me how to write it perfectly. some of sentences that i need to modification.

Afternoon: I keep on my research and more focus on information files, adding many image with my analysis and understanding. I really need to add more explain about what am going to research. the apron is really attract me, the shape and structure. because this outfit usually for women who is working on their housework. in nowadays, many mens would like to do some cooking and housework at home. and now it is more popular.

9 June 2015

Morning: Introduction of wood, plastic and sculpture workshops that we can absorbed the new techniques. Teachers are showing the process of the methods and they told us be careful while we are working.

afternoon: working on the sketchbook, feel confuse on sketchbook. I do not know where to start it. I have tutorial with John, he told me that I should do some research from artists and find out my theme.

Evaluation; I was thinking about my theme for whole night, but i still confuse about it. Apparently, I probably think that abstract can express the crazy mind feeling,  for example, I researched a abstract artist who is called Franz Kline, he used hardly brushwork to paint on canvas. That express different kinds of emotions. 

11 June 2015

Morning:We have been to stitch workshop,the technical teacher taught us about process and announcements that how to use this machine.At first, I picked up some of the fabric to stitch lines on it.Secondly, I tried various fabric (smooth, soft, hard and transparent) combining together. Certainly, I considered that fabrics can overlapping with some sewing lines and papers.

Afternoon: I had tutorial that analysis my work and communicate the theme with teacher. I found out my theme is about some old buildings compare with modern buildings and inspire to geometric shapes, At now,i need to draw some print and create my own pattern and get start to develop my work.

15 June 2015

Morning:I already finish my last pattern is printing on fabric. About this pattern, i chose the handicapped print is by using nail and shape tools to scratch on the transparent plastic, the effect of this technique has strong visual effect and different kinds tones. On the surface part of the pattern, it is geometric shapes that I inspired from Sonia Delauary and Frans Kline's artwork. I used gradual black color that has light part and dark part, which can represent abstract and different way. Afterward, I filled up the inside of the black lines, it is geometric pattern. I putted transparent  print on the background of the entire pattern, then i used three geometric pattern turn into different ways to show it.

Afternoon: We had illustration workshop with John to teach us. I found out that there are many different methods to drawing the figure and clothing. For example, this technique is using liquid color to paint on the background and use black pens or color pen to draw face and structure. Beside, at first, we can just paint some pattern or mark making on one paper, then cut out the pattern in any shape that i want it to stick on the paper and create a structure of the clothing. I think that this technique is quick to draw a figure and it is more creative to obtain effect what we want it. 

17 June 2015

Morning: We had a language class during in morning. It is about Art and Design subject to know relevant in research and progress. I thought that this is very useful to our work, we knew plenty of words ,for example, plagiarism is copy from other artist work, but we can gain inspiration and idea from other artist work, this is parts of research and beneficial when I frustrate in my work.I learned various wold, like image,context, conclusion,choice made, it is finish?, early experiment,evolution of idea and practices and other else. All of these wolds are putting in order for progress of crit. In another part, I knew about the essay need to add some reference , but when we are writing the essay ,we can not direct to copy, it need to use our own word, also the surname, book name,year and page are vital for our essay.

Afternoon: We had tutorial in a small group discussion with teacher at 2pm. This discussion is absolutely influence me that research in purpose is very essential to our work and we should research deepen or can not digress. sometime the reflective journals are reflect our daily work, what did i done? how's the experiment? successful or not? how to improve and transform. We should write some feedback from tutor in any tutorial, then tape it in reflective journal. 

19 June 2015

Morning: Today, I have many work to do, it is a crazy day. At first, I had already cut out my pattern of the fabrics, in my idea is using different patterns then collage into a shirt. the patterns are cut into different shape of geometric, inspiring from primary research in London architectural(photograph photos in London and find out different shape and combine its), secondly research from Sonia Daluaney (geometric shape and block colors)and Franz Kline(abstract style, lines, action painting techniques). I started to stitching my patterns and doing as quickly as i can, finally, i could not finish my outcome immediately, i need to improve my time management, this is very important in my work.

Afternoon: we had a exhibition that can looking at other people's works, i realize that this project i did not do it very well and i feel that this works is not what i expect it.I saw other people's work did a brilliant  work in their sketchbook, including outcome.This can help me absorb other people's works, what is advantage and disadvantage, what i need to learn and how to develop my work.

23 June 2015

morning: yesterday, I was disappointed to my information files, and I start to find 50 things in the list. I add various words to my perviously information files, a teacher has a discussion with me for the information files, she said i need to respond to the research and talk about my feeling, my emotion to this image, so I definitely understand what should i add and tape on this information files. 

Afternoon: I quickly tape my words in information files, add more research and write about my feeling and emotion. I the meantime, I found some TED video is about design speeches, they talk about life experience and what should we understand or how to work.

25 June 2015

Morning: We have a stitch workshop with teacher in the morning, I felt excited when was learning new technique, this technique is special, I can use line to draw on the fabric, for example, a women face, flowers. Afterward, I tried to use some fabric to collage on the women body on the fabrics, it is hard to control the stitching when I started to use this technique.However, I stitched better enough because of  i practice more. In the other technique,teacher taught us the hand-sewing technique, it is a hard working technique and it need to have a well patient to working. I chose some black thread to sew the structure of the figure in the middle of fabrics. then, I tried some other fabrics to collage on the figure, it made more different.

Afternoon:We have a wood workshop to make some object that link to my previously work. I tried some wood material and plastic material to builds up a model or object, also i made a plastic material with heat-gun and color ink to effect that material has different styles. There are some technical teacher taught us how to use those machines, i learned many things from this class, i felt excited and those machine has amazing function of this effective.

26 June 2015

Morning: The morning class is special and fun for us.We used mark making to drawing figure on the paper. it is drawing freedom and with little dot and marks. it look likes a abstract way to draw this figures with all of the black inks.Also we have a drawing figure in team, we used several sketchbook to put in a stripe line, the model body separate in each parts, that make many fun during this drawing, I knew that we have many technique to drawing figures, i learned many technique when i was during this course, we can solve the problem with my team and make it better in teamwork.

Afternoon: our teacher told us to draw figure that inspire from drawing in Wednesday in the big paper. i think it is hard to consider about this work on the big paper, draw it in 1:1 size. I need to consider the colors,structure,materials that i suppose to used it. when i finish my drawing, i think it is terrible and worse, because i have not enough time and usually the legs are ugly and make me felt disappointed. the teacher told us drawing some pattern that i inspire from this 1:1 size drawing, teacher praised me that my patterns are better than my big drawing, it is simple, but it has a relation with drawing and beautiful. 

30 June 2015

Morning: we still keep drawing our sketch in Brighton, we need to consider and create pattern from element into pieces of paper. I tried some watercolor and sketch some seaside landscape drawing, then i create some pattern into small pieces papers.

Afternoon: Teacher taught us two techniques of the printing on paper or fabric, i tried it and the effect is great and dramatical. it is hard to cut out some detail place of the pattern , but i still consider it and make it more nice, but  i still need to do many experiment of this printing.

02 July 2015

Morning: I have self-study in the morning, I draw some clothes and create some shape, i consider that i probably make a accessories to my outcome, also with print, because print is my first choice and my major. I draw a structure of my pattern on the fabric, then use machine to sewing the structure, making colorful and in my own way.

Afternoon: I have been to printing workshop to print my pattern on the fabrics. I used the dark fabric, because of Rockers usually wearing black jacket and jeans with some pin and rivet. I know that it is vey hard to make a print on the black fabric, but i want to try it, this is challenge to myself, and start to do it different from previously.At last, the effect is not what i want it, so i have to accepted to my fabric and use this fabrics to make accessories, like backpack for menswear.

06 July 2015

Morning: we have a session in kings-cross, this is a new project , the teacher told us we should work with our partner during in this project, it is a collaboration project in pair.That will gain our cooperation, time management, challenge, share our ability and method to solve the problem in our perviously projects. Talking our advantage and disadvantage, how can we can understand partner forte. We looked at our object, it is a ancient book about herbal process and methods, look at the surface, there are many interesting dilapidated pages, and the words has different style and form, also the sketch of the herbals are detailing and describing. It is amazing and hectic to looked at this old book, the illustration of the plants can inspire me and the texture of the paper are brown also can inspire me, this is because of the old book, it is very nature.

Afternoon: we are going to explore more knowledge of the herbal and plant that can really help us to research and gain ideas. I considered about i should focus on ancient herbal and plants for illustration and create our own style pattern and print, that can do some graphic and print techniques, we had already write down what should we need to do some technique are useful to our collaboration project, we think we can do object in 3D or 2D, I prefer to make in 3D object with print on the surface.

08 July 2015

Morning: we have a language class that is about discussion with our partner, the content is what we learned in foundation course. i have learned some printing techniques, like using the nail to scratch on the plastic and making a pattern on it. Besides, i learned some wood and plastic material to make a model, the new technique that i used is metal material that i have not use it before. Those of them are newly and challenge, we need to discuss with our technician about how to use and how to make it right way.Also i have learned about the reflection on workflow are vital to our work, this is how we reflect our research,process,experiment,problem or successful in here. This can improve our rethink talent and reflexion judgment, then i will have a great preparation in next day.Teacher gave us a example of the reflection from LCF BA fashion student, i think she has a great reflection and express what she want to say and how's the project going. however, the problem is not enough detail of this reflection, for example, the reflection has not give more enough example of the work,how the source that she use and need to be specify.So i learned various knowledge of writing the reflection on workflow, this is really important in our future.About the reflection, i have some comments and ideas, first, i think the reflection can be twice a week or 500 words in one week or a evaluation in each project when it is finished.

Afternoon:we have a tutorial with mark, at first, i have a great conversation with my partner, we have one goal to make the outcome,we work in cooperation with a due division of labour. i am obligate in printing area, it is using nail to scratch on the plastic to make prints. because the teacher and my partner loves the printing effect, so i think it can definitely become parts of the outcome. i think this is a great start of the teamwork, especially the teamwork is more important and better than do it by myself.

10 July 2015

Morning: we have to make some combination of the outcome. we already finished prints, textile of the skeleton leaves, that is look interesting and successful. afterward, we used the fishbone connecting each of the foam board, the form board has print or textile in each. that looks amazing and great graphic design, it is creative and different, i never made this style outcome before, but i really think that my print are successful and amazing, that is how i improve myself in this technique, also i need to do better work in the future. Finally, we made nine pieces of the specimen(that we create the title of the outcome), each of them are different structures and shapes. that looks amazing and successful of the color contrast are much pretty.

afternoon: we have a photo shoot of our outcome, that is nicely and great. i think what i learned in this collaboration project is that: we must work in cooperation with a due division of labour, learning more idea and creative that my partner come up with, improve our communication and cooperation, because there are many different characters of designer, some of them are bad-temper or tenderly. so it is hard to collaboration with partner in different majors at first time, this can absolutely improve my ability and communication relationship, this is vital for our future.

13 July 2015

Morning: sorry for that i was being late at the morning, i miss the tutorial with John, i think i am ridiculous to make this mistake. I did not see the schedule of the tutorial, i won't miss any tutorial in next time.

afternoon: we have a introduction worksop with Georgia at afternoon. i did not decide what should i do in final major project. this is tough question and i feel disappointed to myself, but Georgia recommend to me about the man topic, its like the homosexual,how to being a men, what is the men habit, traditional. because i had done my previously project about feminism, they look cousin project , just separate in two part about the man and women, that a brunch of fun.i will started to compare different styles and habit from male, some like cigarette, wine, car, suit, but other of them like skinny jeans , colorful drinks, housekeeper, manny,keep the baby. that many different character in male, so i need to do more research and discover the meaning of the habit.

14 July 2015

Morning: we had a project planning with Tom, the project planning is about organize the planning that we need to consider our project. At first, i need to consider about the research to find ti, what the research need in my project. I am thinking about how men not fooling traditional male routes, use female style to influence them to create own style, other male styles. Being male this project titles is about personality to men, Homosexuality, expectation of men, assumption about men, gender roles. then i am going to research the what the traditional men clothes, on instance suit and ties, also the how the people change it in female style, the men wearing the skirt and dress.So that i am going to primary research about Saville Row, it has traditional menswear , tailoring.Also i will find some artist like Grayson Perry. also i will do some research about the questionnaires for interview the mens. also the museum that i need to go to visit is  Geoffrey museum and imperial war museum for the military uniform. the pride parade is important in London. by the way, the most important for me is creating the print and do more experiment for pattern.

Afternoon: I had tutorial with John about the previously project, he said the project is great, the experiment and drawing is satisfied. but the one i need to improve is the photography of my experiment, it need to be more,and the connection need to more success.the reflection is enough, video and CV must to send on workflow, that is what i need to do it.

15 July 2015

Morning: i have the language class on the morning, it is talking about the proposal of the unit 7 project, our important six weeks project. this is hard to us writing the proposal on online and it need to be description about what i am going to do. the timetable also important to us, because the time management is vital to us and less getting stuck on the project.we saw form student proposal of their project, some of article that we need to learn it and i also critical their proposal, some of the paragraph does not describe apparently. so that, teacher told us what should we need to write it and more detail in research and experiment part, this is helpful to us and typing the achievement proposal.

Afternoon: i went to kings cross to do more research on my project, i found many research that i really need to use it. Besides, the menswear is what i need to most focus on research and understanding what is menswear, the styles and collection.because i never make menswear before, so starting a new are and space can improve me skill and knowledge. 

21 July 2015

Morning: I have draw some sketches and collage the image with floral and camouflage print, and now i need to create my own floral and camouflage print, that i need to draw it. afterward, i analysis the research from my workflow information files. as a result, i think i need to talk with John about my workflow and sketchbook. He told me i need to be more specify on research on information files.for example, the weight, sportswear, clothing ,football and rugby ball player for collage idea. in addition, the texture and print that i need to research on it. Masculine color contrasts feminine colors. so I think that research football player with floral print may be more different styles and changing idea to my subject.

Afternoon: I went to stitch workshop to do some frills experiment. making the layers and changing the shape with fabrics. that can also become the collage idea on the image and design the sketch on mannequin.besides, i consider that apron can give me more inspiration what am doing the shape and structure on my own body. i created the shape and using two or three pieces of apron that can put on my body. however, it can change the styles and shape then become my initial ideas.I photography what i have done, this is process for my ideas and developed. 

22 July 2015

Morning: I have a tutorial with language teacher to discuss and alter my project proposal. It is hard to explain the process what i am going to discover and developed.The teacher alter my mistake of grammar and sentences, that is also what i need to improve my writing skills. making it better will spend my long time. I correct some mistake, then i add numerous words is about detail of process, experiments, material and developed.afterward, the teacher said the proposal is done and i did a great job on it, but i still considered that  i need add more bibliography about books, website and artist.

Afternoon: I was woking on my information files and leaning more idea that i need to screeching on internet. because my information files is not better what i expected, therefor i need to add more artist, something i am interesting but without any relevant with fashion. for instance, the masculine colors compare with feminines color, that can confirmed my basic color, it is a good element for the project. besides, i consistently that sketchbooks is vital to me and keeping work on my sketchbook,more research and analysis then become my ideas.