Grayson Perry


Grayson Perry says that his alter-ego Claire ? whose style is inspired by Little Bo Beep, "the crack cocaine of femininity" ? gives him a certain level of anonymity.fairly androgynous, interactive to communicate with the art movement, express his art.he is wearing the clothes just like other women traditional clothing, that is kind of femininity and courage, spread the information.

Greyson Perry artwork


Grayson Perry's second tapestry in collaboration with Factum Arte, Maps of Truths and Beliefs. Factum Arte worked with Grayson on all stages of the production of the tapestry which was woven from digital files on a jacquard Loom in Belgium. when i look at the detail of the drawing, the middle of the eyes has various colors.

Fashion designer: Ziad Ghanem


The fashion designer is called Ziad Ghanem, his is famous design for menswear, he use androgynous design and methods to create exaggerate shape and more link to women traditional wearing, break the men traditional, this is sound this image, the men totally wearing a dress and high-heel, that is different from other menswear collection. The model and styling choices are also slaying, plus sized girls, POCs, androgynous people etc. so it?s not just his clothing that make him great. But seriously the looks are beautiful and interesting.




Across a country torn by recession and struggling to adapt to social change, men and boys are feeling lost and powerless, unsure what the future holds and what role they might play in it. it is just as importantly, there have always been men who were too poor, too queer, too sensitive, too disabled, too compassionate or simply too clever to submit to whatever model of "masculinity" society relied upon to keep its wars fought and its factories staffed. "Traditional masculinity", like "traditional femininity", is a form of social control, and seeking to reassert that control is no answer to a generation of young men who are quietly drowning in a world that doesn't seem to want them.the mens has their powerful and strong physical. the muscle can proof the masculinity styles.

Drag queen


Drag queens is means a homosexual man who dresses as a woman especially to entertain people, this is make up is to show up their female styles.

Christopher Shannon menswear


T'his collection is Christopher Shannon 2014-2015 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway Looks Fashion. The looks has got Knit Graphic Sweater;  Jumper Sweatshirt; Athletic Sporty Pointed Collar Man skirt; Kilt Androgyny Multi-Panel Sixties Flowers Florals Print; Checks Tracksuit Running Shorts; Outerwear Hoodie; Parka Oversized Down Puffer Jacket; Sneakers. The image is about the model wear down jacket with black or pink floral print, that looks super feminine and androgynous styles, it also can be wearing by women. The most important is collaborate with a short, it look like underwear, how can the men wear a very short shorts on the street, this is kind of womenswear styles, or men usually wear this short on the seaside, but collaborate with sneaker, it seem like this look dose not for the seaside outfit. 

Comme des Garcons


Comme des Garcons 11 fall menswear Runway, the looks are feminine and men are wearing floral print, regular and loose trouser literally piled reference on reference like a mad last gasp, starting with the little poodle-y wig plopped on top of each model's head. 

Men Tailoring


Mal tailoring is on of the most tradition fashion technique in is really detail way to measure the length and width on men structure, the data of body. there are different kinds of styles,like slim-fit, tailored suit, formal suit, swallow-tailed coat. any sewing is important for the tailoring suit, it can not get mistake and must be careful to sewing the fabrics. 

Andy Warhol camouflage print


"Camouflage colouring was invented by artists for the military around 1900 so soldiers and their vehicles would blend into their backgrounds and therefore be more difficult to spot by the enemy. Warhol began to use camouflage designs for his paintings in 1986. Their all-over, repeating patterns appealed to his interest in abstract expressionist painting. By varying the colours he used, such as bright yellows, reds, pinks, purples and blues, Warhol was able to remove much of the military symbolism of the pattern, yet still retain the idea of hiding."The camouflage print are colorful and the colors are mixture together. By contrast, the bright color and dark color compare each other.

glitter texture


The glitter texture is one of the techniques using in any art-based courses.the significant effect of the glitter texture is sparkling and looking like star on the sky, such as universe with planets.Although all the glitter texture can combined with fashion, it would be used in womenswear or accessories is more better. however, if the glitter texture is on menswear, it would be absolutely different with womenswear. Because most of mens are wearing gently suit without any prints or sparkling colors, it is hard to wear twinkle color for men. Despite some of men willing to wear sparkling color, the glitter texture is definitely suitable for them. I am going to explore these texture technique, using photoshop is one of the process or hand making on the fabrics for experiments.Nevertheless, i will wok more harder to explore my own glitter texture.

Clyfford Still


Clyfford Still was a abstract artist during in 1960s, Clyfford Still?s art is electrifying.  It?s like a bolt of lightning both visually and in its impact on the viewer.   There is a constant sense of revelation running through the work, an ongoing depiction of those powerful intricacies of nature that we inherently understand but cannot find words for. In this image, it represent camouflage drawing on the canvas, black and yellow contrast each other. I realize that the colors just like floating on the canvas, it is gorgeous to express this artwork.


Richard Mosse


Mosse documents a haunting landscape touched by appalling human tragedy in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.4 million people have died of war related causes since 1998. Shot on discontinued military surveillance film, the resulting imagery registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, and renders the jungle warzone in disorienting psychedelic hues. At the project?s heart are the points of failure of documentary photography, and its inability to adequately communicate this complex and horrific cycle of violence. He used the pink color for the landscape, including the soldier is wearing uniform and holding weapon with pink color.It seems like this image give me feel like feminine style with soldier in pink. By contrast, soldier often wearing green colors uniform in camouflage print that hiding.

Camouflage uniform


At the first part of the British task force assembled in the south atlantic, IWM asked the artist Linda Kitson to join the second wave and create an official artistic record of the campaign. Ritson sailed with troops in the QE2 on 12 May and landed on the Falkland Islands three weeks later. she took her won art equipment.but the army issued her with this orange airi sea rescue container to keep her drawing dry. as well as a standard arctic weight camouflage uniform. i think this uniform is for the war and a long history.

Sectarian Armour


In 1994 the Belfast-born artist John Kindness completed this piece called Sectarian Amour to highlight the absurdity of the divisions that had plagued Northern Ireland for 25 years. A steel Jacket is decorate with icons from both communities. Symbols of those who feel loyal to Britain mirror those who want to be part of the Irish Republic. on the back a Republican funeral is joined to a Loyalist one by a single seam

Text box



material plastic


the material is call bottles, the most interesting that is the colors of the brick, it is inside the brick or the surface, i saw that it is amazing and beautiful. the patterns are significantly show it.

material fabric


this fabric usually is a leather, but it is interesting because of the patterns and texture.the texture of the fabric looks like rainbow and there are many dots pattern trend to abstract methods.

Sustainability: Irene Nordli


A pile of horse carcasses and the word 'battlefield' bring horrific scenes to mind.All the historical films have seen of soldiers fight them, the memories of all the animal suffering that such battles this more familial perspective, it is clear that horse battlefield is trying to dispel the idealized and romantic aura surrounding the horse. it is about striking a blow against young girls' fascination, not to say infatuation, with horse.

Tie dye experiment in dye fabrics material


 The experiment of the fabrics-dye with water to contain the colors.I use the watercolor to dye into the water in different colors. Unfortunately, this is a fail experiment and the effect was worse and did not show is kind of waste colors material.I consider that the effects of the fabric is not good enough because of the material that i used is not corrected.



The workwear is a traditional wearing of the workers and employers. It is definitely stylish of the wearing and give me some inspiration in further design.

Improvement of marbling inks technique



The experiment of the marbling ink technique. the process of the technique is using inks dip on the surface of water. the inks disperse to anywhere on the surface of water. also the most interesting point is that I was dipping other colors on the previously inks. then the inks would not disperse out of the previously it looks like overlapping on the inks and expressing more colors in same way. afterward, i use wood stick or paint tools to mixture the colors and creating new camouflage pattern. I decide to make a big fabric with marbling print for my part of outcome.

Military uniform


Soldier uniform express the strength and powerful of the physical body, they has many training to practice their skill for defense and offense.the uniform is what i need to focus on. the camouflage print on the body, the inspiration come from the nature, it is used to cover their body.the green, brown, black colors mixture together. many fashion brands created a variety of the camo print, for example the Valentino camo is most popular around the world. 

J.W. Anderson FW14 Menswear



 He's really talking about them, on the intimidatingly public forum of the regular, ritualized, umpteen-times-a-year runway, and he's letting them talk among themselves. The ideas in one collection are rarely entirely new. They're mutant derivations of ideas plucked from previous collections, spliced together and evolved.The nuts and bolts of his Spring menswear silhouette was an oversize trouser with a kind of tunic top, often in silk-lined sponge he compared to cheap headphones' foam. He fussed and knotted it about the neckline?an obsessive new point of focus?and gave it flyaway panels and dangling tails but stripped off sleeves.he use the womenswear toying idea, the womenswear styles, traditional of the sleeves design.some of the shirt and jacket are slimming or skinny on the body. the styles is different from the traditional menswear styles.the shoes are also special in this collection, the bottom of the shoes are thick and it looks high boots.also look at the trouser, it is 7-fit trouser, not like the traditional long trouser for the suit. the most obsessed me is the floral print looks, it is playful and break the floral prints just on the women body.that is an androgynous design.




Normcore is a new word for the simple style in fashion world. those fashion icon, fashion designer, models are wearing simple outfit and it looks clear. for example, the pure color of coat, jacket, shirt, trouser. also the important part is wearing the comfortable sneaker to collaborate with those simple clothing. that looks like sportswear styles, more comfortable and clear, more fashion. in addition, Normcore styles can wearing in any places. there are less pattern or print or some textile on the outfits, this is simple styles, just only different pure color collaborate with each part of the clothing.

Gucci menswear


Gucci menswear looks feminine styles and what ushered forth was a remarkable sea change of androgynous, feminine-infused menswear.rose-tinted aesthetic forward. The feminine way is like the fluid shapes of the 1970s were the defining silhouettes in the collection, which saw floral embroidery dancing and winding over flared-trouser suiting, bomber jackets, shirts with exaggerated long collars and almost everything else. Rich in detail and lavishly decorative, the designer also looked to Gucci's history of logo-mania and adapted it with a softer hand; that interlocking G motif was applied to trench coats and bags but stitched with floral embroidery over the top.Lace shirts and tops, frilled collars, flyaway blouses and sparkling lurex tops had echoes of vintage Bowie androgyny, while silks with cherry blossoms and birds of paradise.The colours of joyful buttercup yellow, scarlet, mallow pink, violet, poison green added to the visual feast of it all, in a season where sand and stone shades are dominating. The sheer volume of work that must have gone into the embroidery and painted florals.

Linder Sterling


 punk and post-punk scenes, Linder Sterling has transformed herself as an artist numerous times. From early photo-collages, such as her iconic cover for The Buzzcocks' "Orgasm Addict", a series of epic and spectacular performance pieces, her visual art and mixed media work has synthesised feminist ideology and an irreverent aesthetic sensibility into a subversive critique of consumer society.The image of collage is amazing, the big red lip on the women mouth.



Apron is a protection wearing for cooking and working in workshop or kitchen.some of the culture think that the female should care about the housework, so they often wear apron when were working.  However, some of the male willing to cook and work for housework, this is popular nowadays, most of the male like to work to housework with wearing apron.I think this can become a new styles and changing into untraditional outfit while the men is going to wear it.

Masculine vs Feminine


The color theory of masculine and feminine are absolutely difference. Masculine has more blue colors, dark yellow and change into green,but feminine has red change in to pink then purple.Masculine and feminine personalities also feature different colour schemes. Masculine has strength and powerful element, but the feminine looks like soft with few powerful.

Fake Fur


Faux Fur fabric is the Ambassador Textiles speciality. Select from a colour palette that ranges from subtle to striking and encompasses everything in between.Faux Fur fabric is now highly popular all over the world thanks to its immense softness and versatility.Fake fur is a great material for making garment and furniture, also many fashion designer prefer to use fake fur than the real fur.Killing animals for fur is cruel and unacceptable. people protest designer used real fur on animals body all around the world, such as snake leather, bear further, eagle further, skin jackets ,fur coat. that is ridiculous and unbelievable. so i think that fake fur is appropriate to my subject, it is cheap and most female prefer to wear it. I can create different colors on fur, like drawing with acrylic, create some pattern or print on white fur which can create different shape on mannequins.

Fashion Camouflage History


Camouflage cloth was developed during the twentieth century to make military personal less visible to enemy forces. Process of evading visual detection through some combination of blend-in coloration, cryptic patterning, and blurbing of the silhouette.Camouflage is widespread in the natural world, from the barklike coloration and patterning of many moths to the stripes of tigers and zebras. Used by predators and prey alike, camouflage is all about gaining a survival edge in situations of conflict.The same techniques of camouflage that were employed by early hunters were applicable to small-scale tribal warfare and raiding. However, the development of large-scale military operations, which accompanied the rise of civilization and the invention of metal weapons, made camouflage less important.Patterns and color schemes have been continually refined to produce better results in different environments, including jungle, grasslands, and desert.



this painting of the illustration are amazing and make me feel insane. it is incredible artwork by Britain



A huge weapon of the tank, it is huge and giant and it make me feel unbelievable in my vision. I saw this tank has a long history and the chain of the wheels are rusted. but those of the texture are amazing and impressive. it is absolutely intensive of the giant and huge.

Material fabric


Fake fur in white color, the category is fur type synthetic without any catalogue. i think i can use this fabric doing my project. it is helpful and it can give me more idea, such as drawing on the fabric in different colors.

Material fabric


the fabric is call furnishing, i can see the layers of the fabric clearly, the most impressive me is that the layer are extremely gorgeous and amazing, the first thing that i imagine is Issey Miyake fashion. it just look similar.

material color


this material is call Velvet Concrete. this unique and patented product allows textile to combine with concrete, so that it is integrated but not consumed, exposing an intricacy and texture that reinvents the experience of concrete.

Sustainability: Marek Cecula


The photographs have been transferred to porcelain plates. there are small details are revealed, but there is no overall narrative in which to place them. This fits a modern understanding of existence in which neither reality nor the past can be grasped except fragmentarily. the mass of shards fill an open hollow in a wooden table.The porcelain pieces are randomly and loosely mixed, so that new visual constellations can arise all the time.

Sustainability: The Future of Food


There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America ? a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat.The Future of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.
he health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered crops into our food supply.Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, The Future of Food examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world?s food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.

Marbling experment


 I was definitely excited about this experiment of the effect that i made it. It is surprise that i see this effect is amazing and it is what i expected. It looks like camouflage print and mixture the colors. I did not do it randomly, i have my methods to make this prints. I also record the process of the experiment and analysis the experiment for using different material.when i use the silk fabrics, it changes to different effects and the colors are more brighter. this will be my part of the final outcome.